End youth homelessness. Get great soap.


No finer ingredients. No better cause.


Handcrafted soap and a helping hand.



8 West is a sustainable program with a foundation based on the simple premise of “hope”. When you restore hope, the human spirit becomes indomitable. We not only help homeless youth re-discover what it means to have hope, but the long-term impact of our “homeless to hopeful” model also results in positive, deeply recursive effects throughout the community.


8 West is a one-of-a-kind transitional employment and supportive housing program where homeless youth work together to handcraft and market a line of premium, handcrafted bath, shower and spa products. Developing useful skills. Cultivating a clear sense of responsibility, accountability and work ethic. And, most of all, rediscovering what it means to have hope.


8 West provides a supportive housing environment where homeless youth live together in independent-living facilities — fed, sheltered and safe — with the support and guidance of a house manager, and the backing of an organization that believes in them. Recovering a sense of worth. Learning to trust others AND themselves. Making a difference.

The chance to find myself again, to get off the streets with 8 West is something I think about every single day. I don’t know where I’d be without this opportunity. It's crazy. I feel like a different person.

Dustin, 8 West Artisan

Without 8 West, I'd be lost. I’m pretty sure I'd be dead or in jail. This program has been a blessing and a hand in helping me improve my life. I've never been this excited for the future.

Rob, 8 West Artisan

Working with 8 West has opened my eyes to the struggle in the homeless community. Seeing people around me working and taking advantage of a great opportunity to better themselves has been an inspiration to me. It’s a great experience and one that has helped me personally grow as an individual.

Taimur, 8 West Artisan

Our Token of Hope

8 West is all about helping homeless youth restore hope for the future. When you buy 8 West soap you make a real difference in their lives. You provide the financial support to a program that helps young people transition from homeless to hopeful.

That’s why some of our bars of soap are packaged with a special Token of Hope, stamped with our logo in copper or bronze and hung from hemp twine that can be worn as a necklace or wrap bracelet. We offer you the Token of Hope to thank you and to help you visibly demonstrate your support for ending youth homelessness.


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September 3, 2015


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