An Artisan Craft

8 West organic soap is formulated with equal parts of artistry and chemistry. The soap is handcrafted using the traditional small batch, cold process that has been passed down through the ages to create the highest quality soap for ultimate hydration. The cold process doesn’t involve high temperatures in order to cure the bars. It’s a technique known to be one of the best ways to preserve the soap’s natural, premium ingredients, to create an extremely soft finish and to enable more artistic effects in the design of the bar.

A Sensory Experience

  • 8 West premium, handcrafted soap provides hydration by penetrating deeply into the skin with long-lasting moisturizing and anti-aging elements
  • Our cold process completely preserves the luxurious natural and essential oils, and intensifies the fragrance of the natural extracts
  • The end result is amazing soap that draws impurities from the skin, and gently cleanses the face and body
  • 8 West: Great for your skin, even better for our communities

Pier Pressure

Pirate Booty

Sandy Bottom

Sunny Side

Float My Boat

Vitamin SEA

Our Token of Hope

8 West is all about helping homeless youth restore the bonds of trust, and find hope for the future. When you buy 8 West soap, you make a real difference in their lives. You provide the financial support for a program that helps homeless youth transition from homeless to hopeful. And you also help to reduce the strain on our communities as we disrupt the pathway to chronic homelessness.

That’s why we originally packaged our soap with a special Token of Hope that was stamped with our logo mark in copper or bronze, and hung from hemp twine that was wearable as a necklace or wrap bracelet. We provided the Token of Hope to thank our supporters, and to help them visibly demonstrate their support for ending youth homelessness. Our packaging has recently changed, but every once in a while, an order is still shipped with one of these limited edition tokens. No guarantees, but who knows? Your order might be the next one …