Pirate Booty


It’s the feeling of having smuggled the secrets of soft skin, buried within a bar of soap!

Pirate Booty isn’t made of silver and gold – it’s the hearty and aromatic fusion of black tea, spiced tobacco, oatmeal, and spirulina handcrafted with soft oils and lush, organic ingredients. This soap’s oils – avocado, meadowfoam seed, coconut, palm, and rice bran – are blended with rich shea butter to nourish and smooth even the toughest pirate’s rugged skin.

Aye, this soap does more than produce soft, treasurable skin: it helps transition teens and young adults off the streets and into a more promising future.

Handcrafted by our Angels using a traditional, small-batch cold process, Pirate Booty uses all-natural and organic ingredients to make for one uniquely arrrtisanal soap.

With your purchase of a bar of Pirate Booty soap, you’re helping homeless youth learn valuable skills and gain worthwhile experiences with the goal of obtaining sustainable jobs and stable housing. Equal parts artistry and chemistry go into our all-natural and organic soaps, all made by the Angel artisans who learn the trade through our program.

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Black tea and spiced tobacco.

Ingredients: small batch, cold-process avocado, meadowfoam seed, coconut, palm and rice bran oils, shea butter, black tea and spiced tobacco fragrance oil, and hint of spirulina.

Approximately 4.0 – 4.5 ounces.