Sandy Bottom


You don’t have to sit on the beach to feel like you’ve gotten some time in the sand.

Sandy Bottom is an exotic blend of Moroccan red clay, Tahitian tiare flower, shea butter, and calendula. Infused with a bouquet of invigorating essential oils and a moisturizing concoction of avocado, rice bran, and meadowfoam seed oils, this soap will gently tone, rebalance, and exfoliate your skin – all for a good cause.

With such a sensual combination of all-natural and organic ingredients, it’s impressive that Sandy Bottom accomplishes much more than renewing your skin: it helps youth transition off the streets and into sustainable jobs and housing.

With your purchase of a bar of Sandy Bottom soap, you’re helping homeless youth learn valuable skills and gain worthwhile experiences to get off the streets and into a brighter future. Equal parts artistry and chemistry go into our all-natural and organic soaps, all made by our Angel artisans who gain experience through our program.

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Rejuvenating Moroccan red clay and Tahitan tiare flower.

Ingredients: small batch, cold-process avocado, meadowfoam seed, coconut, palm and rice bran oils, shea butter, tiara flower fragrance oil, white grapefruit and rosemary essential oils, Moroccan red clay, and calendula (gently tones, balances, and exfoliates the skin).

Approximately 4.0 – 4.5 ounces.