Lavender Bath Fizzy


Induldge in NEW  handcrafted, soothing Bath Fizzies from 8 West. Our Lavender Bath Fizzies will moisturize your skin, relax your muscles, and soften your bath water for the prefect soak. Simply place a bath fizzy in your tub for tons of fizzy fun!

Handcrafted by our Angels using traditional processes, the Lavender Bath Fizzy uses all-natural and organic ingredients to make for a unique and relaxing bath.

With your purchase of a Lavender Bath Fizzy, you’re helping homeless youth learn valuable skills and gain worthwhile experiences with the goal of obtaining sustainable jobs and stable housing. Equal parts artistry and chemistry go into our all-natural and organic Bath Fizzies, all made by the Angel artisans who learn the trade through our program.


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Aromatic Lavender Bath Fizzy

Ingredients: N/A

Includes three (3) Lavendar Bath Fizzies