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Documentary: Homelessness Video featuring Art of Dying

By December 11, 2015December 14th, 2015Events, Homelessness

In late 2015, 8 West collaborated on a documentary video project that released on 12/10/2015. The project involved the combined efforts of talented filmmakers, an international rock band, and their record label and media partners to showcase their new single against the backdrop of homelessness in America. Three of the homeless youth we work with on a regular basis participated as filmmakers in this project, which promises to raise significant awareness for our movement to end youth homelessness.

Please take a few moments from your day to view the collaborative effort linked below. It has been our great honor to work with so many like-minded and talented individuals on this project, from the creative minds behind the concept to the artists with Art of Dying to the filmmakers with Mitra Films. We are so appreciative for their combined efforts to help raise awareness for homelessness and how 8 West and Urban Street Angels are tirelessly working to sustainably end youth homelessness.

Special thanks to collaborators J.T. Arbogast, Kelsey Gilchrist, Aditya Nair, Cody Smith and Paul Cibrano; Dustin, Aaron and Sarah; Jonny Hetherington, Tavis Stanley, Cale Gontier and Jeff Brown from Art of Dying; Better Noise Records, Tracey Wiedeman, Rachel Rosenberg, Rose Slanic, Angela Burke, Dan Mackta, and everyone else at Tenth Street Entertainment and Eleven Seven Music for their efforts to cast light on homelessness in America.